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Copenhagen Shibari Dojo
Copenhagen Shibari Dojo
Copenhagen Shibari Dojo

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Copenhagen Shibari dojo was founded in 2010 and is one of the largest Kinbaku dojo in Europe.

Today Copenhagen Shibari Dojo is visited by rope enthusiasts from around the world, and besides being a weekly training center; it is also the center of major international workshops and events.

The dojo has 77 regular members who receive weekly lessons divided into different classes and levels depending on the individual’s knowledge and skills. Besides Yukinaga Sensei, we have highly skilled instructors.


Main dojo Yukinaga Shibari Do-Kai.

Weekly training, workshops, private lessons & instructor training.

Chief Instructor: Yukinaga Max

Open 12 months a year.


The physical as well as the mental environment is designed according to Japanese models. The rooms are nice and bright with Japanese windows and doors. There is a kitchen a living room, locker rooms, and most importantly, the gym. Also there’s a small bar where you can buy simple food and beverages. Overall a pure and wonderful atmosphere created by all the lovely people who comes here.


To become a member of Copenhagen Shibari Dojo and receive daily lessons, it is a requirement that you have participated in the dojo intro evening. The weekly training is based on the team and the couples educational level and experience in Japanese Kinbaku.

All new members in Copenhagen Shibari Dojo will receive training in our initial class in order to evaluate their skills and understanding before they can be assigned to other classes.

Currently, there are 4 classes at various levels. Each level has its own training schedule. Based on the schedule, you will be taught and trained both the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills.

This will ensure that the student is in continuous progress and fully understand the techniques – both the historical background and the contemporary use. All Instructors at the dojo are all highly graduated and have years of experience in shibari and receive weekly training by the dojo Sensei Yukinaga Max.

All lessons are carefully planned. The instructors must ensure that all taught techniques are fully understood by each student before new techniques are practiced. It is essential that the techniques are mastered well before moving on to the next level as this ensures a very high level of security. Lessons are carried out in a relaxed pace and always with good spirit and a smile.

The instructor begins each lesson with a small ritual the same way they do in martial arts, as Copenhagen Shibari Dojo works as a Japanese Dojo.

We all sit down, clear the mind, and focus only on Kinbaku. In that way we can eliminate thoughts about everyday’s tasks and chores for a few hours

Be there in good time and be relaxed before you make your entrance into the gym. Follow the dojo etiquette and guidelines given to you by the instructor


​​Dojo Rules

  • Follow the safety advices of the dojo instructors

  • Follow the dojo routines and help tidy up

  • Members, students and guests of the dojo must be at least 21 years old

  • No smoking, no food, no alcohol inside the dojo training hall

  • No drinking of alcohol prior to dojo sessions

  • No switching between rigger and passive role during a workshop or tuition

  • No outdoors footwear inside the training area

  • Suspensions are never done alone


  • Leave your ego at the door

  • A customary bow as you enter the dojo training hall and before you leave

  • Treat your fellow students with respect, both inside and outside the dojo

  • During workshops, avoid delays by following instructions and training programme

  • If arriving late, join in quietly without disturbing others

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